Top 5 Best Self Cleaning Toilet (2022 Review)

The toilet is one of the most important fixtures in your home. It’s where you go to relieve yourself, but it’s also where you go to relax and unwind after a long day. Your toilet should be a comfortable, welcoming place that welcomes you with open arms. But how can you make sure that your toilet remains clean and fresh-smelling all the time?

The answer is simple: buy a self-cleaning toilet. Self-cleaning toilets are easy to use, they don’t require much maintenance (besides changing out the water once in a while), and they do their job well! We’ve done a lot of research for this article because we wanted to find out what kind of self-cleaning toilets are available on the market today. Below are our top 5 picks for best self cleaning toilets available right now!

Our Top 5 Best Self Cleaning Toilet

1.  Toto G400 Self Cleaning Toilet (Best Pick)

Verdict: Looking for a highquality, selfcleaning toilet? Look no further than the Toto G400! This top of the line product features a washlet bidet seat with integrated dual flush technology and 3D Tornado Flush. The CEFIONTECT glaze on the bowl prevents waste from adhering, while the PreMist function gives it a lubricious quality.

In addition to these great features, the toilet also has an auto open and close lid and seat, as well as a heated seat, warm air dryer, and air deodorizer for added comfort. It is Universal Height compliant and ADA certified, making it accessible for everyone. Finally, it is Water Sense certified and even CAL Green compliant to help save water and conserve resources!


  • The lid can open and close automatically
  • The smart toilet is compliant with CAL Green and ADA
  • Even Water Sense has certified this smart toilet as water-efficient
  • It also features automatic dual flush technology
  • Comes with a remote control


  • Quite heavy and overly priced

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2. WOODBRIDGE B-0960S Self Cleaning Toilet (Best Rated)

Verdict: The WOODBRIDGE B0960S Self Cleaning Toilet is a high quality, reliable toilet that will provide you with many years of trouble free use. It features a posterior wash, feminine wash, and pulsating wash to keep you clean and fresh. The seat automatically opens and closes for your convenience, and the lid is selfcleaning so you don‘t have to worry about it.

There is an air purification system to eliminate odors from the bathroom, and the flush is quiet and powerful with high efficiency. The seat is contoured and heated for comfort, making this one of the best toilets on the market today. Plus, it is certified to UL1431, CSA C22, IPC, UPC, NPC and even IAPMOEGS with support from a professional team and comes with a 5 year limited warranty!


  • Features a fully automatic gravity flush system
  • Also comes with movable massage cleaning
  • You can choose to flush either manually or from the remote control
  • The lid can close or even open automatically


  • The smart toilet does not comes with bolt holes for floor installation
  • It also clogs a tad faster if you are not that careful

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3. WOODBRIDGE B0980S Intelligent Self Cleaning Toilet (Best Value)

Verdict: The WOODBRIDGE B0980S Intelligent Self Cleaning Toilet is an incredible product that offers many features that create a totally hygienic experience, including an automatic opening and closing lid, selfcleaning bidet/spray wand, posterior wash, feminine wash, pulsating wash with adjustable water pressure and filtered water.

The auto deodorization feature eliminates harmful air pollutants from the bathroom environment. Plus, the high efficiency and quiet flush uses 1.6 GPF/1.0 GPF dual flushing capabilities making it both effective and ecofriendly! And in those colder months or early mornings when you don‘t want to leave the warmth of your bed not to worry!

The special contoured heated seat and powerful warm air dryer will keep you cozy while getting ready for your day ahead. So upgrade your bathroom today with this amazing toilet that takes care of everything for you!


  • It comes with a dual flush system
  • The seat is heated and it also features an air dryer
  • The seat is capable of closing and even opening automatically
  • There is also a soft closing mechanism in the seat


  • There are no such major cons worth mentioning

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4. WOODBRIDGE T-0008 Luxury Self Cleaning Toilet (Best Budget)

Verdict: The Woodbridge T0008 Luxury Self Cleaning Toilet is a oneofakind toilet that comes with a luxury bidet seat. The bidet seat fits the toilet perfectly and makes it extremely comfortable to use. The modern design of the toilet, coupled with the sleek, low profile skirted elongated one-piece design makes it perfect for any bathroom.

Additionally, the comfort height and water sense high efficiency add to its appeal. Lastly, the hygiene features posterior wash, feminine wash, pulsating wash, adjustable water pressure and hygienic filtered water make this an ideal choice for anyone looking for a self cleaning toilets!


  • The smart toilet also features an energy-saving mode
  • Comes with adjustable seat temperatures
  • Easy to install and highly functional
  • Also includes a self cleaning stainless steel nozzle


  • The bidet seat doesn’t clean or dry that well

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5. Toto C200 Self Cleaning Toilet (Best Versatile)

Verdict: The Toto C200 Self Cleaning Toilet is the perfect bidet seat and toilet combo for anyone looking for a more hygienic way to clean. The WASHLET+ system uses premisting and front/rear warm water washing to clean, while the five adjustable temperature and pressure controls allow the user to customize their experience.

The heated seat and air dryer are both extremely comfortable, with five variable settings each, as well as an automatic deodorizer feature that keeps things smelling fresh. Finally, the TORNADO FLUSH system cuts down on bowl friction (making it ADA compliant) while using 1.28 gallons per flush making it one of the most efficient toilets on the market today!


  • Is capable of heating water in an instant
  • Comes with auto lid open and close features
  • Also includes an air dryer
  • Has a tornado flush mechanism and saves up to 20% water


  • It is not a dual flush toilet

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Final Verdict:

We hope this article has been helpful to you in your search for the best self-cleaning toilet. If you are planning to buy a new toilet, look no further than the 5 toilets we have reviewed here today.

We can assure you that any of these toilets will provide you with years of trouble-free operation and help you save money on cleaning costs. They are all easy to install and use, so as long as you follow our instructions carefully, there should be no problem using them.

If you have any questions about one of these products or would like to share your own experiences with us, please leave us a comment below!

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