How to Use an Undated Planner to Get More Done

April 26, 2023

If you’re looking to get more done in your day, get motivated, or simply have a plan for the next day, an undated planner is a tool that can help you!  Using an undated planner will help you get more done AND give you the flexibility to finish more tasks.

The Homekeeping Planner is and has always been undated, you’ll love how much more you can get done with this planning system!

  • Customizable with plenty of room for work/family/home tasks. This is probably my favorite feature of the Homekeeping Planner – I love that it has two columns for each day – I use it for work tasks and family scheduling.

Homekeeping Planner

  • No more running to do lists in your head. If you find yourself thinking about to dos and home related tasks, you’ll have everything planned out for you.
  • Feel accomplished, not defeated. You are always in forward motion, concentrating on what you CAN do, not what you didn’t get done. Things went sideways and you haven’t used the planner in a month – no biggie!
  • Take a couple minutes to sit down and write out a plan. You’ll find that taking a couple minutes a day to look at your plan and take action will actually give you more time in the day. Studies show that for every minute spent planning 10 minutes are saved! Bonus, the best thing about the Routine is that if you didn’t get to everything, start over tomorrow or next week.

  • Regardless of where we are in the year, you can pick up and start. This is a refreshing approach to planners and ensures that you’ll use the whole planner – no more started and never finished planners.

Have you used an undated planner?  Ready to give one a try?  You’ll love how motivating it is to not be boxed in by it being pre-dated.

It’s Homekeeping PlannerPre-Order time!  You’ll love the new Prep the Planner page, DIY Recipes, more Quick Clean Checklists, and more!  Secure your planner AND bonuses before they’re gone!

Homekeeping Planner Pre-Order and Bonuses!

Embrace the flexibility and freedom that comes with an undated planner, you’ll love using one! The 2024 Homekeeping Planner is pre-filled with the Clean Mama Routine so you can rest easy knowing that those tasks are there and ready for checking off. Here’s to a fresh approach to home!

I’m a big believer in the power of writing things down and the impact of using undated planning products – check out the complete line of Homekeeping Planners, Calendars, and Paper Products.

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